About Us

Sanwari Women Empowerment is a not for profit organisation based in New Delhi, India. A platform with the strength tending towards four digits, who come from all walks of life and include home makers, teachers, entrepreneurs, social workers, medical professionals, corporate executives, nurses, scientists, administrators, professional women and retired octogenarians as well. 
Bringing about self sufficiency in the life of a woman can be the best change that we can ask for around us, and Sanwari thrives for it. Our members are guided by the selfless motto of Women Empowerment and are committed to go to any length in creating the enviroment for a free and fair social structure for women. Sanwari achieve its goals by addressing the needs of civil society in a democratic dispensation and voluntary support. We take extra efforts to sensitize the existing framework for an unbiased caring, responsive and effective world, where women is always looked upon as an equally important section of the society.
Samwari aims to change the prevailing mindset in the country. Close to our hearts is the issue of girl foeticide, and that remains the core issue today. Together we all at Sanwari despises the act of not allowing the girls to be born. We feel our race is on the verge of extinction when we see so many abortions happening just because the last chromosome was also complete denoting a girl child. Crime to the amount of infinity, we seek to change the story, slowly but steadily.
Sanwari Women Empowerment takes special care of differently abled children adding million smiles to the faces of those who require special attention. Sanwari also encourages those who have taken noble initiatives and have been instrumental in bringing about a change in lives of women. Sanwari regularly honours those women who have brought smiles to the lives of many living in adverse circumstances. 
Sanwari is a thought that goes much deeper than the world thinks to bring about a change in society. Because at Sanwari we feel the change has to come from the society and we just aid it happen. 
Sanwari, Let us make this a fairer society.
Our Mission
Sanwari Women Empowerment educates and empowers women, who feel challenged in any manner in whatever form. Be it sociological, economic or for that matter are physical impediments for any women we help them with the skills and confidence necessary to lead a respectable life bereft of any biases in the society and help them in becoming capable of leading a healthy lifestyle, 
Sanwari regularly conducts training sessions for women in health, education and skill development arenas. We go deep right into the heart and bring about change in the attitude of society so that we can make it a better world. 
Our Vision
Sanwari Women Empowerment seeks to bring about a passive change in societal thinking where women impromptu gets what she rightfully deserves. Vision Sanwari would be creating a much needed environment where women are not discriminated on the basis of their being a women 
Sanwari aims to ensure a life with dignity for the women. Through our efforts we aim to have respect for women all around and they always feel at ease. 
The Sanwari Women Empowerment invites you to join us. If you are interested to get more information about our Society,
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