Women Poverty

It can not be wrong if poverty is considered to be a women’s issue. The reason behind it is that, most women are not direct earners. The dwellers in poverty-stricken areas do not have adequate supply of basic amenities like sewerage safe water etc. Many people spend their lives in a single room or at max two. They cannot afford basic needs like food, clothes, house, education and health-care. Even whatever they can afford is of poor quality. They do not get a balanced diet, nutrition or medical facilities.

Not being the direct breadearners of the family women end up doing household chores, fending for petty issues like bringing up children, and cooking for family. Like a vicious cycle less of income means less of food for women in a household.  The women under such societal condition can not take part in any development activity due to lack of their education, training and experience. Again, because of the lack of financial ability they can not initiate any business that could be productive.

Women are physically weak due to natural causes. But, they are discriminated socially because of lack of education and experience. As a result they are deprived of business opportunities and leadership. What the male members of the family earn, the females generally do not have any authority over that family income.

While a few are able to, many women are still unable to shake off the shackles and move out to earn income of their own in poorer sections of the society. Again due to lack of financial capacity and power, they cannot think of any business independently.

Unfortunately, women are the direct victims of poverty. Lack of income means lack of nutrition, education and opportunities in the world. Situation has definitely improved in last few decades, yet a lot remains desired to see women getting equal opportunities in the world of powerty. 

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