Sanwari Women Empowerment Promotes Girl Child Education in an Interactive Manner

New Delhi. 17th April, 2015.

Sanwari Women Empowerment, an organisation dedicated for the cause of women and child welfare, in their philanthropic mission, today helped young girls from economicaly weaker sections of society studying in Nagar Nigam Adarsh Prathmik Vidhalaya, Rouse Avenue and motivated them for further studies.

Adding yet another chapter to its zeal for social cause Sanwari, held drawing competition at the school in which about 45 girls took part. The whole exercise was aimed at motivating students through interactive manner. As drawing and colouring is scientifically proven to improve concentration, such an effort will surely boost the morale of young students and motivate them to study even further, thereby reducing dropouts.

Although the government is running many schemes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and has managed to achieve a high net enrollment ratio of 93 %, student dropout ratio in the age group of 6-17 years still remains high. According to a recent study conducted by Institute of Applied Manpower Research average dropout ratio in India stands at 19.2% and for girls the figure is even higher at 21.8%. Lack of education in women is the root cause of inequality giving birth to various evils in the society.

Sanwari also gave prizes and certificates of merit to the deserving students. Apart from appreciating the art quotient of the girls, merit certificates and gifts were given for best academic performance to the girls from class I-V each. Certificates and a prizes were also given for tidy looks and best overall performance for the academic year 2014-15.

Members of Sanwari led by its founder mentor Smt Seema Goel gave away gifts to bring smiles to the lives of girls from economically weaker sections of the society. Young girls were ecstatic to receive honours and thanked the Sanwari for its contribution.

Sanwari Women Empowerment, a social organisation working on the mission of Women and Girl Child Empowerment for last 4 years. It is an association of around 200 women from different strata of the society representing diverse professions & businesses.

Sanwari has been conducting various social and charity activities like free health awareness camps for women and students, distribution of food to the poor, free stationery to school children, distribution of useful articles to slum children etc. Sanwari also works actively to promote healthy mind the all round wellness and conducts various seminars for the benefits of women.

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