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Day 3 of the Livelihoods Network Camp in Araku Valley was a validation of a new approach to development–one that emphasizes co-creation, local participation and the active involvement of investors. Action Plans: Impact ...

Livelihoods Network Camp – Day 3


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  Every time the price of gold rises, my heart soars as well. The way I look at it is, the more expensive gold gets, the more conservative parents of little girls will have to look for other precious but less ...

The Right to Not be a Mythological Character


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Just three years ago, PersonalMBA founder Josh Kaufman declared MBAs “mostly a worthless piece of paper,” harsh words for students who are considering a career in business. But there’s good news. The latest ...

Wanted: Industries Hiring MBAs

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After studying Theatre Direction in London, Jehan Manekshaw returned to India in search of a purpose. A few years later, he is bringing world standards to theater in India. This July he and his team are starting Mumbai’s ...

Why I decided to create a Drama School

Culture, Rural Development

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How do you help children from poor, rural communities to identify themselves as changemakers? In order to break the cycle of poverty, people must be empowered to make change happen in their own lives. But in the rural ...

Is Everyone a Changemaker?

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They call him The Great White Hope and when you meet David Patient it is easy to understand the nickname.  He is handsome, healthy, filled with vitality and vision despite his AIDS diagnosis nearly thirty years ago. To ...

Turn that Wishbone into a Backbone!

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It was a very hot day last April and I sat in a plastic chair under the shade of an old Amarula tree looking out over the land that will become the Ekurhuleni Center for Orphans and Vulnerable Children. The land was long ...

The Power of WE

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  MANACAPURU, Brazil – The mere mention of the word Amazon conjures images not just of the world’s biggest jungle, but also of enormity. Amazonian is a synonym for huge, remote, overwhelming. Just ...

Educational Gap in the Brazilian Amazon

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Dr. Aditya Dev Sood, Chairman of the new Adianta School for Leadership, does not mince his words when speaking about the education system in India. “We have a situation where everyone knows the system is dysfunctional – ...

Innovation Starts in the Classroom

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