Sanwari Women Empowerment Founder Message

Dear Sanwari,

According to a report, each year 5,00,000 baby girls are killed in India even before they step into this world. Add to it the annual number of girls/young women, who are trafficked or even killed for various reasons. A woman’s life is plagued by the evils like malnutrition, illiteracy, economic backwardness of a female in her individual capacity, insecurity and many such issues. The figures are scary and the situation haunts all of us.

My dear friends, I have a strong belief that women are no less then men in any field. But the catch is that they are not given enough resources and opportunities. Today in this country, many still consider girl child to be a burden. Some are mimed even before they are born. Those lucky enough to live don’t get a chance to study and develop their skills. As a result their economic contribution in a family goes down.

We have had many exemplary women in this country, but in a country with more than 1.2 billion population they cannot be considered more than exceptions. It is not the sole responsibility of the government; it is also a social challenge, which we, as responsible citizens, need to take up to put an end to this deviation.

I am proud to join Shri Narendra Modi, Honorable Prime Minister in his endeavour to initiate a crusade against female foeticide, gender bias and domestic violence against women. In last one year Sanwari has initiated many such campaigns to end this societal bias. We have picked up issues like education & skill development, health & nutrition, foeticide and security, which are the core issues responsible for prevailing gender disparity. We will continue to work relentlessly on various fronts to change the mindset within the families and inspire people to think positively towards women.

With positive and constructive spirit we will continue helping women to be an independent individual and fight against the evils like domestic violence, sexual harassment and gender inequalities.

Because unless or until each woman in this country is able to do what she wants, our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women will continue.

With warm regards,

Seema Goel,
Founder-President, Social Activist
Sanwari Women Empowerment

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