Help Faq


1.    Why should I register ?

Registering would enable us to keep you informed on the latest developments and feedback to the registered members so that they can get equal opportunity to serve for the cause.


Sanwari Women Empowerment is an organisation selflessly dedicated to the cause of women empowerment.

3.    What do Sanwari does?

At Sanwari we do whatever it takes for the upliftment of women in the society. We conduct various campaigns, workshops and motivational camps on the crucial issues like education, health, security and skill development for the benefit of women.

4.    How do I volunteer ?

Contributions at Sanwari Women Empowerment is completely on voluntary basis. We appreciate contribution in any kind towards the cause. In principle we rate; contribution of ideas/time/effort/kind or any other in same order.

5.    What will I be expected to do when I volunteer ?

Once associated you will be considered to be an integral part of our activities and other day to day routines. You can contribute in any manner listed above or better be a part of the steering committee.

6.    Is membership of Sanwari is free?

Membership at Sanwari is totally free. The only virtue that is a pre-requisite is the dedication towards the cause.

7.    Are there any guideline to submitting new content ?

The guiding principle for the new content is that it should be original and in line with the beliefs of Sanwari. You may submit your content to   

8. What about privacy of my informations ?

Sanwari under no circumstances distributes your profile anywhere except within the closed circle of our members. Further, in case you wish not to, then we can still keep your contributions as “from an anonymous Sanwari”.

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